Is Term Life No Medical Exam Insurance The Right Choice For Individuals Over 65?

Term life no medical exam insurance is one of the best over 60 life insurance plans as it offers good, fast as well as accessible coverage. Older people may wish to obtain life coverage to cover their funeral expenses or to financially Term Life No Medical Exam Insurance provide for their family. No medical exams term life insurance policies, known as simplified issue have numerous benefits for seniors and their loved ones.

About simplified issue

Simplified issue is a life insurance coverage which provides temporarily coverage in exchange for monthly premiums. As long as the insured dies during the policy’s term, the death benefit is secured and it will be paid to the named beneficiaries.

Rather than undertaking several medical examinations, applicants need to complete a questionnaire to be entitled to a policy. The questionnaire will contain general questions (your age, name, address, sex, weight, height, if you smoke or not) and medical questions. The agency determines you eligibility and your policy’s premiums based on the answers you provide.

Advantages of term life no medical exam insurance:

The following benefits will convince you that simplified issue is the ideal over 60 life insurance option!

> It’s easy to be entitled to a plan. Seniors with pre-existing conditions will have a difficult time qualifying for traditional policies. Yet, by applying for a simplified issue plan, their chances vastly increase. Because there are no medical examinations involved, it is easier to pass as eligible for coverage.

> Issues in less than 24 hours. Simplified issue plans are issued in 24 hours, that is extremely fast compare to a typical life insurance plan that takes between 2 and 6 weeks to issue.

> Covers funeral costs. Burial expenses are a primary concern for various seniors. Since funerals are very expensive, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to give a worthy funeral service for your family members. If you have life coverage, your relatives are able to pay for you funeral costs a lot easier.

Seniors older than 65 years have limited options with regards to getting life insurance and in many situations, simplified issues policies are the best!

If you’re thinking of acquiring life insurance, be sure to compare quotes! Click here for additional information!