There Is Still Life After the Age of 65

In past times, when it arrived to insurance, over-65-year-old many people have had problem obtaining coverage. As per insurance coverage, getting the age of 65 means the end of the insurance coverage. However, since life expectancy has raised, senior citizens beyond 65 years old can now avail of life insurance. There is a larger risk in assuring aged people because of the life expectancy aspect. The monthly rates will depend on the actual situation of the senior. Those people with personal disorders and unhealthy lifestyles will have higher monthly premiums. Generally, these seniors will have to undertake medical evaluations to figure out the risk issue. At least, upon being secured, their families will be secured from financial worries after their death.




When it comes to insurance over 65, looking the help of a professional insurance broker will help you determine the best coverage. Seniors wish to think about the length of the coverage, making sure that there is enough coverage to ensure the future of their family members. The senior can take into account the time when his spouse will no longer be financially dependent on him. If he has an brilliant loan, he needs to make sure that the coverage will be in place until the mortgage is paid off; otherwise, his spouse might lose the property after his death. He also needs to consider into account the financial assist his kids need for their education level.




There are two kinds of life insurance over 65 seniors can secure: term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term insurance, as the name advises, has a exact term for the coverage. The senior projects how long it will take for his family to be financially independent of him, if he the breadwinner. This type of insurance provides more inexpensive premiums. With whole life insurance, on the other hand, the senior somehow expects that he would outlive the insurance policy. This could then also be a form of investment because it builds cash value over time.


Some individuals may have had life insurance when they were younger, but as they aged, they realized that they needed more insurance. Upon the termination of term insurance, over 65 year-old people may feel that their savings are not enough to cover all their responsibilities or that their family has not yet achieved sufficient financial freedom. This is one factor why it may be a good plan to explore other options like whole life insurance.


William de Guzman is the human resources officer of MGC Marketing. He writes about life insurance over 65 and other miscellaneous topics on the side.