Tips On How To Obtain No Medical Exam Life Insurance For The Elderly

You can actually obtain inexpensive no medical exam life insurance for the seniors if you follow certain steps. You need to keep in mind that no medical exam policies are more costly than plans who ask for physicals. However, for most seniors this type of life coverage is the only one available to them.

Below are a few steps you have to follow in order to find cost effective no medical life insurance for seniors:

1. Decide how much coverage you need

Deciding on how much coverage you need is really important. Your search for a policy should depend on the coverage you need. It is important to note that no medical examination policies do not give high benefits. Simplified issue, for instance, can provide a maximum coverage of $250,000 while final expense insurance policies only $50,000. No medical exam is right life insurance for the elderly if it is used to cover burial costs and debts such as mortgage loans.

2. Search for quotes

Searching for quotes, or shopping for insurance, is extremely important. You must never buy the fist plan that pops up. Instead, do a systematic search. Look at quotes from several agencies. The policies must offer the same coverage and compare the prices. Searching and comparing quotes will allow you to find less expensive insurance and better providers!

3. Discuss with an insurance broker

Besides searching and comparing quotes, talking with an insurance broker is also a great idea. Ensure you choose an independent agent. An independent agent is someone who has contacts with more than 30 agencies and thus, he or she can offer an objective solution. Since you need no medical exam life insurance, your case can be considered special. There are agencies that offer more advantageous rates to individuals who suffer from a certain pre-existing condition. All in all, a few minutes with an insurance agent can be very helpful.

In conclusion, a senior who needs life insurance should follow the above steps. Cheap no medical exam life insurance may be hard to get, but by searching for quotes and talking with an insurance agent, your chances increase!

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